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Hi! I'm Josh, a lover of all things creative and energy driven. I’m enrolled in the Bachelor of Design program at Conestoga college and I’m currently in my fourth year and looking for a four month co-op placement and freelance work!


In my free time I strive to be outdoors exploring and/or taking part in many activities such as; Mountain Biking, Bouldering, snowboarding, hiking and camping. I especially love to capture the world around me and taking those photos and videos home to see what I can creatively do with them.


I have a strong passion for videography, photography , colour grading, motion graphics and have dabbled in 3d animation.


I’m a hands on person and love to be interactive. In the past four years of schooling I have found new interests for branding, logo design, coding (HTML, CSS and Javascript) and UX/UI design. I'm open to new experiences in all things creative and exciting.

Drop me a line and let's get in touch!


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