About the project

Growing up I got a little point and shoot camera for christmas around the age of ten. I carried my camera around capturing the things around me to just mess around with it. I camped a lot with my family so naturally I fell in love with capturing the world around me.

Fast-forward fifteen years and many cameras later I still love carrying my camera everywhere I go. I love the excitement of capturing as much as possible and coming home to see that one picture that blows your expectations out of the water. On the flip side of that I also love the process of conceptualization, slowly progressing to that photo you were looking for.

I've had the chance to experiment with DSLRs, full frame cameras, analog cameras, mirrorless cameras, camcorders and more.

Below is a collection of digital and analog photos from over the years

When it comes to the editing side I truly love to bring the photo to life. This can be accomplished in numerous ways such as general adjustments, colour grading, digital design, typography and just playing around with new ideas to see what you can create.