About the project

Cycle is a project on a faux tree planting company located on the west side of Canada. Their mission is to bring back life to the world and aid in global warming

The logo is simple and light to symbolize the the importance of a smaller carbon footprint. The typography is script to resemble organic shapes and loops together so form the shape of a seed with a leaf in the middle resembling the "l"

In application media is kept in line with the brands image. The graphics and logo are accompanied with white backgrounds to reflect the slogan, "let the world paint my canvas". Tree planting is a dirty business, the best way to add your colour is letting earth dirty your gear.

Four seasons is cycle's apparel release of the depiction of a seed through every season symbolized by a skeleton, a representation of life and death.

The illustration was given texture to resemble the look of wood carvings. Single use colours help aid the difference between each season.

Each illustration is then transferred to a screen print on hoodies and sold through the tree planting company. For every hoodie purchase a tree is planted.



About the project

 Luma, AKA Lumawave, is multi-platform music streaming business aimed at creating the best music listening experience possible. We believe this incorporates not only the best sound quality but a visually pleasing aesthetic as well as an easy to navigate UI for users.

Luma's target market focuses, but is not limited to, young adults that are music enthusiasts that want a community of like-minded people to share and discover new and old music. 

The name Luma was formely known as "Lumawave". The origin of the name comes from the concept illuminating you mind with sounds waves.


About the project

Sprout is an app designed for the modern day gardener to utilize the use of hydroponic systems. Hydroponics have been shown to reduce water used by 80%, yield x2 the crops, and at a much faster rate. With 50% of habitable land already being used for agriculture and in northern regions can only be used in warmer months.

The four main components to Sprout

  • Learn about hydroponics

  • Grow with hydroponics

  • Track crops

  • Trade crops

  • Buy hydroponics

In the Crops tab you can view all you current crops growing, grow new crops, and trade crops with locals. 



When you're ready to start growing add the crop into your inventory to keep track of its growth and set reminders for any crop scheduled maintenance needed.

If you're new to gardening or hydroponics the learn tab is the perfect place to start. Here you can learn about traditional gardening vs hydroponics, hydroponic systems, growing tips, and additional equipment.


Tab Bar

It all goes through the tab bar. The tab bar is is the main navigational device a users will use in an app. For Spout the tab bar helps you cycle between your profile, grow, ecommerce, and learn.